Wanna Draw Space Base 8?

It has been a long time since Space Base 8 has updated. Sorry about that. Thanks for all the comments and emails letting me know SB8 has been missed. I will resume posting on a regular schedule June 1, which is SB8’s first anniversary! Yay!

And if that is not soon enough for you, surprise! A new comic goes up May 20. Maybe that will keep you happy for a tiny while longer.

And if that won’t keep you happy, well, do a comic yourself, smarty pants! What I mean is, do a comic yourself… a Space Base 8 comic! You could be a guest cartoonist at Space Base 8! I invite you to make a Space Base 8 comic of your own. Send it to spacebase8@gmail.com. Keep it clean and make it funny and I just may post it. Really. You would be helping me out! I’ll give you credit and post a link to your site or comic or blog. Or maybe just say nice things about you. Whatever you like!

Thanks again for your patience, and thanks for reading Space Base 8. I look forward to seeing your guest strips!