BOB from The Petri Dish

 Brains On Board

Today’s robot is a tribute to the webcomic The Petri Dish by John Sutton. John has been kind enough to send lots of guest art to fill the Space Base 8 blog lately, so in return I have painted a picture of  Bob (B.O.B. for Brains On Board), whom you will find toddling around in the comics over there at The Petri Dish.

I don’t do much watercolor painting outside of my day job, and I’m glad to have the chance to do some comic strip character watercolors. I think I’ll do some other watercolor paintings for RRR and share them with you all soon!



It’s Ray Guns on Monday, Robots on Wednesday, and Rocketships on Friday here at Space Base 8.

I want to feature your sci-fi art on Space Base 8! Email me your Raygun, Robot, or Rocketship art and I will post it in the blog for all the Space Base 8 readers to see. A sketch, a sculpture, a photo, whatever! Just as long as you made yourself. If you have a great Ray Gun, Robot, or Rocketship toy you want to share, that would be fun too! Email, and include a picture as a jpg or png file, your name, and your website URL if you have one. We look forward to seeing your contributions!


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