Robot! By Don Ahe

A Sketch of Lampost the Robot by Don Ahe of Road Apples Almanac

Hey, it’s Robot Sketch Wednesday! And today we have our first guest sketch, sent in to us by none other than my friend Don Ahe, creator of the wonderful webcomic Road Apples Almanac. Don says this guy is called Lampost, and he’s a relative to Lighthouse. I dig it, Don, thanks so much!

Don sent in his robot sketch, why not send me one of yours? I’d like to post it in the blog to share with Space Base ‘s readers. Email your sketch of a raygun, robot, or rocketship to I can’t wait to see it!


Don isn’t the only

Guest Comic At Road Apples Almanac

Dear readers,

I did a guest comic for my cartoonist friend Don Ahe over at his webcomic Road Apples Almanac. If you go there you can read it. I got to draw a big, mean chicken, and a doggie, and an Otter named Aldous. It was fun to do. I like Road Apples Almanac. It has tractors and animals and superheroes and sheeps. I like sheeps. I like otters, too. Especially when they wear clothes and have a farm with talking animals and a mean chicken who used to be a singing star. You will like his comic strip when you read it. Go read it.

The End

By David Scott Smith

Super Neato Comic Talk with Don and Brian and Dave

I recently had a really great chat with Don Ahe, the creator of the webcomic Road Apples Almanac, and Brian Huisman, of and webmaster extrordinaire (they are often seen at the SB8 comments section). We went on and on about creating our comics, our likes and dislikes, our influences, and more. Oh, and we recorded it. And you can hear it if you want to. It’s a really long discussion. But we are really quite interesting guys so you’ll probably love the whole thing and ask for more.


Play it by fiddling with the doohickey: or download.

Love, Dave

P.S. At one point I said something about someone making $100,000 by selling a webcomic book. That isn’t true. I was exaggerating, but it sounds like I’m quoting a real number. I believe the real number was more like $22,000.   In case you care. Just sayin.  -Dave


Road Apples Almanac meets SB8

The other day I got a present in my inbox. Don Ahe, creator of the wonderful webcomic Road Apples Almanac, sent me a crossover comic strip, featuring characters from both of our comics. I am so excited to share this strip with Space Base 8 readers!

Comic strip

That second panel just cracks me up! And look at the third panel. See Cargo’s comforting hand on Lighthouse’s head? Isn’t that great? That is called cartooning, people. Do yourself a favor and visit Road Apples Almanac. Spend some time there and read a bunch of the strips. Heck, go read ’em all, I already did a while ago.  And look, I’m still smiling!

Thanks bunches, Don. I couldn’t be more flattered. No fooling.