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Queen Zagzot: I am Queen Zagga. Your bomb is meant for me.
Cargo: THen run! Hide! it's about to explode!
Queen Zagzot: Run? HAH! This robot body is made of pure indestructium.
Cargo: Oh yeah? What about the dome?
Queen Zagzot: I am safe. The dome is crystal indestructium, earthling.
Cargo: That's what I wanted to her!
Queen Zagzot: My dome!
Cargo: With the dome over the bomb, everyone can be safe! There! Now I... Wait! this isn't what I wanted to... Hey I'm still alive! UUGH! What's that smell?
Queen Zagzot: You saved us all... from a stink bomb!
Cargo: Guuuhh! My nose wished it was a nuke!