Welcome back, Space Base 8 readers. I I took a break form posting the comic on a regular basis, but now Space Base 8 is back! There will be a new comic twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Oh boy!

There is more than just comics to see here. You can see a new sketch posted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the blog. Mondays are for ray gun sketches, Wednesdays are for robot sketches, and Fridays I’ll post a sketch of a rocketship!

↓ Transcript
Mr.Juju: Captain, we have and incoming call from Ambassador Meela of Space Base 8.
Captain: We're Doomed! How am I ever going to get out of this mess?
Mr. Juju: You might try apologizing and groveling.
Captain:Right! Do you think I should grovel first, or apologize thin grovel?
Mr; Juju: Captain, the ambassador is on the main view screen.
Captain: YIKES!
Meela: Hello. Captain. Let's get to the point. You hold our crewman hostage. We find ourselves at your mercy. What are your ransom terms?
Captain: Hostage? Ransom? YOU are asking for OUR mercy?
Meela: Yes, please. Um... did the captain just faint?
Mr. Juju: I'm glad he did. One more second and he would've wet himself.