Hey youse guys, look up there under the comic. See where it says, “First, Previous, Random”, and all that? Find the word, “Share”. Click on it. A little window pops up with a bunch of tiny icons. Click on an icon, say, the blue square “f” icon for facebook. See what it did there? it made an instant “Post to Profile” thing so you can tell your facebook pals about Space Base 8. It even put a link to the comic there and everything. It works with the other icons as well, with different social web services. Nifty!

THis makes it easy to tell people about Space Base 8. I bet you have some friends that like comics, right? You do have friends don’t you? I’ll be your friend. But no, I won’t drive you to the airport. Or help you move.

Okay, whatever. I just thought I’d tell you about this little trick and encourage you to share. Just like yo mama told you to.