Cargo Hauler Rocketship by J. S. Rowe

It’s Rocketship Friday, and as you can see we have some extra special Rocketship artwork today.  You may have seen the artist Jande, “J.S.” Rowe’s work on her webcomic Aedre’s Firely, or maybe noticed her contributions to the comments section here on Space Base 8. This Spaceship is named The Rusty Cow. “She’s an interplanetary cargo scow I hope to incorporate into my Wheeler’s Orbits comic, which is on the boards for about 5 years from now, if I have it figured right.” personally, I can’t wait 5 years to see this comic. I’ll have to send Oril out into the future to check it out. Thanks, Jande, for a fantastic piece that I’m sure everyone will love!


It’s Ray Guns on Monday, Robots on Wednesday, and Rocketships on Friday here at Space Base 8.

I want to feature your sci-fi art on Space Base 8! Email me your Raygun, Robot, or Rocketship art and I will post it in the blog for all the Space Base 8 readers to see. A sketch, a sculpture, a photo, whatever! Just as long as you made yourself. If you have a great Ray Gun, Robot, or Rocketship toy you want to share, that would be fun too! Email, and include a picture as a jpg or png file, your name, and your website URL if you have one. We look forward to seeing your contributions!


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