Robot Wednesday and First Fan Dani

Robot Art by Danica Sevilla

If you’ve ever visited the comments at Space Base 8, you may have seen encouraging words from Danica Sevilla, today’s artist for Robot Wednesday. I call her First Fan Dani, because she followed my blog, Monkey Always Wins, where I documented the creation of Space Base 8. She was a Space Base 8 fan even before the first comic strip was posted. Now that’s a Number One Fan!

Over at Dani’s blog, Baring My Heart, she posted a really cool piece about Space Base 8 and our longtime internet friendship, and about how a girl from Down Under may (eventually) get to go to Disneyland. Check it out.

Here’s another robot by Dani. So cool!

Another a-MAZE-ing robot by First Fan Dani

Thanks so much to you, Dani, for the artwork and the support over these last few years. You really are Number One. 🙂