Rayguns! Robots! Rocketships! And New comics!

Hozer X-55 RaygunWelcome, friends. Today we start a new tradition called Rayguns! Robots! Rocketships! Every monday I will post a sketch of a raygun. I’ll post a sketch of a robot on Wednesdays, come rain or shine. And, you guessed it, Friday will be rocketship sketch day. What about Tuesdays and Thursdays, you may ask? Well, I may tell you: those are days that I’ll post new Space Base 8 comics! Yaay, the hiatus is over, and there will be new Space Base 8 comics! Come back and see some sic-fi comic fun here at SpaceBase8.com every weekday. You can take the weekend off. You’re welcome.

If you think drawing rayguns, robots and rocketships looks like fun, it is! Why not sketch some up yourself and email the picture to me at spacebase8@gmail.com. I’d love to post your sketches here in the blog for everyone to see.

Come back tomorrow and see a NEW COMIC. Space Base 8 is back! The hiatus is over!