Razer Toy Ray Gun

While serching for inspiration for Space Base 8, I fell in love with old space toys, especially toy ray guns. I couldn’t resist starting a collection of my own, and this is the vintage ray gun I bought to start my collection. It is called the Razer Ray Gun, and boy, is it peachy keen! When you pull the trigger it makes a death-ray zapping sound and makes sparks that are visible through the translucent red plastic tip.  I love the fin details on the back, the rings on the barrel, the sparks, and the sound it makes. Bring it on, invaders from mars, I’m ready for ya!

It works pretty well, but the trigger sometimes slides out of its track and misfires, which makes me afraid of breaking it  by pulling the trigger too hard. So this one is better put o a shelf than taken to the playground. I’d definitely like to get one in better condition someday, but I think this one is a terrific start for my collection.

According to the book, “Zap! Ray Gun Classics“, This ray gun was made by H. Y.Manufacturing, Hong Kong, in the 1970s. (Click on that link to get the book from  Amazon; I’m an Associate).  Judging by the design, I would guess it is from the early, pre-Star Wars 1970s, when the idea of what outer space stuff would look like was more “neato gee-whiz”, and less “that looks real, better pass a law banning it”.

Next Monday I will post a photo of the second toy ray gun I have acquired for my collection. Have you ever seen a dart gun that fired not one… not two… but three darts? I have.  And what’s more, that’s not even the coolest thing about this toy!


It’s Ray Guns on Monday, Robots on Wednesday, and Rocketships on Friday here at Space Base 8.

I want to feature your sci-fi art on Space Base 8! Email me your Raygun, Robot, or Rocketship art and I will post it in the blog for all the Space Base 8 readers to see. A sketch, a sculpture, a photo, whatever! Just as long as you made yourself. If you have a great Ray Gun, Robot, or Rocketship toy you want to share, that would be fun too! Email spacebase8@gmail.com, and include a picture as a jpg or png file, your name, and your website URL if you have one. We look forward to seeing your contributions!


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