Ray Gun Monday

Superior Rocket Gun


This is the second toy ray gun in my newly begun collection. it is the Superior Rocket Gun from the 1950s, and I absolutely love it.  I first saw one in the book, “Zap! Ray Gun Classics” and showed it to my wife. “Look, Honey. It’s a dart gun… shaped like a rocket jet… and it fires three darts! Three!  How many cool features can one toy ray gun have?” She smiled, patted me on the head, gave me a cookie and sent me outside to play.

Not a week later I searched for “toy ray gun” on ebay, and what do you know? There it was the Superior Rocket Gun, and not expensive, either. I bid on it, and it was soon mine.

This Rocket Gun appears to be in working order, but since it didn’t come with any darts, I’m not sure for sure if it works. I hope it takes some kind of “standard” darts and that I can find some that will work so I can test it out.

There will be more expensive and rare guns in my collection someday, but I think this one will stay my favorite for a long time.


I like this book, “Zap! Ray Gun Classics“, and you can get it at Amazon. Click on my Affiliate link and I might get, like, a penny or two  from the sale.



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