One Hundred Comic Strips Young

November 23, 2009 is an auspicious day in comic strip history. For Space Base 8 anyway. Today’s comic strip is is the one hundredth! One hundred comics strips. A hundred. Hunnerd. Whew. Lemme just catch my breath.

Want to play a funny game? Go back to the first strip (just click on the part that says “first” up above this post, there) and read all the strips, in order, from the first to the most recent. See how much the look and feel of Space Base 8 has evolved? See how much you know about these characters now? See how you want to come back again and again to read more? Wasn’t that a fun game? Wow, you are really easy to impress!

I have wanted to do something like this comic strip for a very long time. Space Base 8 has become a large part of my life. I hope you will want to make it at least a tiny part of yours. Please come back and read the next hunnerd of ’em. I will be there too. I don’t have a choice, I draw the crazy things!

Yours Truly,