Do you ever listen to podcasts? Do you ever read webcomics? Do you ever listen to podcasts that talk about webcomics? If you answered “yes” to two or more of those questions, chances are you know Brian Dunaway’s podcast, Comics Coast To Coast. Just recently, Space Base 8 got featured as the Comics Coast To Coast Webcomic Pick Of The Week!  No foolin’!  What an honor!

Visit Comics Coast To Coast and listen to the podcast right there on the page. Listen attentively at about 27:35 for Brian to start saying nice things about Space Base 8. Be sure to scroll down enough to see the link to Space Base 8. Isn’t that cool? I sure think so.

Thanks to Brian Dunaway for making me feel really quite all flattered and stuff. I mean, Webcomic Pick Of The Week, people! Wow!

Like the kids say nowadays, Epic Win.