Cargo and Vesto discuss capturing the bedbots


New Space Base 8 comics twice a week! And Comikaze Expo!

It’s been a year since the last new comic strip, but hey… Space Base 8 is back. Or will be starting November 1. The first new comic goes up Friday, November 1, and then after that Space Base 8 will update twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Yay! new stuff! You can catch older strips, what I like to call Space Base 8 “retrosodes”, Monday through Friday at And… comikaze expo What are you doing November 1 thru 3? Going to be near the Los Angeles Convention Center? Are you going to Stan Lee’s Comikaze Comic, Anime, Gaming,Sci-Fi,Fantasy and Horror Expo? Then come visit me, David Scott Smith, creator of Space Base 8, because I will be there! Find table AA736, find me there, and  buy some books, buttons, and posters offa me. I’ll sign books and draw them  for ya and everything. To recap: New comic strips starting November 1at,  Retrosodes at, and Comikaze Expo November 1 through 3 at the Los angeles Convention Center, table AA736. See you there.

WonderCon 2013

WonderCon Anaheim 2013I will be at WonderCon in Anaheim, California from March 29-31. Come visit me in the small press area at booth SP 65. I will have books for sale, a new full color Space Base 8 magazine, Space Base 8 buttons, posters, and mini-comics! Buy the book, “Blast Off!”, and I will autograph it and doodle a free sketch in it for ya. How’s that sound? This will be my first time exhibiting at a convention, and I am pretty excited! Please come by and say hello. I really crave the attention. And if you can’t make it to the convention but would still like a copy of the book “Blast Off!”, it is available online here, as always. -Dave

The Marvelous Rotating Light Table

httpv://   Here is a video showing off the unusual drawing table that I use when I make Space Base 8. I built a wooden frame around a fluorescent light ceiling fixture, topped it with a piece of frosted glass, then topped tat with 1/8″ thick whiteboard with a circle cut out of it. I took a round glass tabletop and set it into the hole in the whiteboard. This gives me a rotating drawing surface that is useful for drawing and painting. To find out why a rotating drawing surface on a light table is useful, watch the video!

Rocket Ship Friday

Mat Washburn's Angel Biter colony transport   Hey, it’s another Rocket Ship Friday, youse guys! This ship is called the Angel Biter colony transport, and it comes to us from Mat Washburn, who does the webcomic Evan Yeti. A Yeti, a talking snowman, and a walrus clan with a secret weapon… what more could you ask for in a webcomic? Go check it out, what else are you going to do with all this time on your hands? Thanks, Mat, for this wicked cool piece of space art!  


I want to feature your sci-fi art on Space Base 8! Email me your Raygun, Robot, or Rocketship art and I will post it in the blog for all the Space Base 8 readers to see. A sketch, a sculpture, a photo, whatever! Just as long as you made yourself. If you have a great Ray Gun, Robot, or Rocketship toy you want to share, that would be fun too! Email, and include a picture as a jpg or png file, your name, and your website URL if you have one. We look forward to seeing your contributions!   Get the Space Base 8 book Did you know that there is a Space Base 8 book now available? It’s called Space Base 8 Book 1: BLAST OFF! It collects the first year and a half of comic strips from Space Base 8. You can get a printed book, a signed artist edition complete with personalized sketch, or an ebook version. Click BUY THE BOOK in the menubar above the comic, or just click here to get your copy.