Cargo and Vesto discuss capturing the bedbots


30 Characters In 30 Days #3

Today’s character is Teloonin Ziff, the Bored Wizard. You have to be smart to be a good wizard, and Mr. ZIff is the best. He is so smart that he knows it all. All, I tells ya! Imagine how boring life would be without any mystery or surprise. Feel sorry for poor old Teloonin. The 30 Characters Challenge: Create 30 new characters in just 30 days, one for every day in November. See more at

30 Characters in 30 Days

There’s this cool deal going on where artists are tasked with coming up with 30 characters, one for each of the 30 days of November. The movement is based at I missed the chance to sign up and post my characters there, but I’m participating all the same by posting my characters here as well as on my tumblr blog. I’m posting the first two today, since I didn’t post one yesterday. So even though Space Base 8 will only update once a week for a short while longer, you can visit Space Base 8 almost every day this month to see what new fun characters I come up with for the 30 Characters in 30 days movement. Who knows, maybe some of here new characters will end up making an appearance in the Space Base 8 comic! 1. Dr. Dratomio: Super villain, evil scientist, atomic powers, you get the idea.   2. Loopie: The meek werewolf.    

I just noticed…

I have been making this comic strip for over two years now. Three hundred and sixty or so comic strips. It occurred to me just today that my main female character is named Meela, and the lead female character on Futurama is named Leela. Oh brother.  So close. That’s unfortunate. I watched the first couple seasons of Futurama, and will still watch it now and then, but I can’t say I count it as a favorite. (Bender is pretty cool though.) It sure looks as if I’m a-rippin them off ! I wouldn’t blame people for thinking I was. But I’m not. really. Not on purpose, anyway. Oh, bother. Meela. Leela. Sheesh. I shoulda named her Beulah.

Guest Comic At Road Apples Almanac

Dear readers, I did a guest comic for my cartoonist friend Don Ahe over at his webcomic Road Apples Almanac. If you go there you can read it. I got to draw a big, mean chicken, and a doggie, and an Otter named Aldous. It was fun to do. I like Road Apples Almanac. It has tractors and animals and superheroes and sheeps. I like sheeps. I like otters, too. Especially when they wear clothes and have a farm with talking animals and a mean chicken who used to be a singing star. You will like his comic strip when you read it. Go read it. The End By David Scott Smith