Cargo and Vesto discuss capturing the bedbots


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I Just Hired a Robot Dishwasher.

httpv:// Well, Mr. Botto, on this, your first day on the job, why don’t you go ahead and load the dishwasher for us? Just put it in there. No need to be so careful, just a plastic cup, it’s not gonna break… Just put it in. Put it in there. Just… PUT IT IN! IN! IN!! Oh thank goodness. You are fired.

More Space Monkeys!

Space Monkeys are just inherently funny. No two ways about it. So are Robot Chickens. Put ’em all together, and you have a TV show called Robot Chicken that makes a segment about Space Monkeys. Told you they were funny. httpv://

Half A Century Of Space Monkeys

Fifty years ago this last May, the world saw the beginning of the Grand Tradition of Space Monkeys. Well, more correctly, this is when the world saw the beginning of the Grand Tradition of Space Monkeys Who Came Home Safely.  On May 28, 1959, Able and Miss Baker, Space Monkeys, were rocketed into space and returned rather unharmed from a 15 minute flight. They were the first primates to survive spaceflight, and what a pair of heroes they were! I imagine they got a ticker tape parade. Ten years earlier, a monkey named Albert II had a less fortunate rocket ride. He was the first living Space Monkey, but he didn’t survive the return trip. I suppose Albert’s story is what makes Cargo so nervous every time he clocks in for work. published a nifty set of photos called “Space Monkey Pictures: 50- Year Anniversary”. Check it out for an overview of the Grand Tradition that continues here at Space Base 8!

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Five times a week is tooooo much! I can’t keep up! This comic strip has proven to be too much work for me to handle! So starting August 24, 2009, Space Base 8 will update three times weekly, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Friday will continue to be a double size color strip. The decision to change was difficult but necessary. I hope to come back to five times a week when I get faster at this comic strip thing. Let me know what you think about the change. Thanks for reading my comic! David Scott Smith