Cargo and Vesto discuss capturing the bedbots


Wanna Draw Space Base 8?

It has been a long time since Space Base 8 has updated. Sorry about that. Thanks for all the comments and emails letting me know SB8 has been missed. I will resume posting on a regular schedule June 1, which is SB8’s first anniversary! Yay! And if that is not soon enough for you, surprise! A new comic goes up May 20. Maybe that will keep you happy for a tiny while longer. And if that won’t keep you happy, well, do a comic yourself, smarty pants! What I mean is, do a comic yourself… a Space Base 8 comic! You could be a guest cartoonist at Space Base 8! I invite you to make a Space Base 8 comic of your own. Send it to Keep it clean and make it funny and I just may post it. Really. You would be helping me out! I’ll give you credit and post a link to your site or comic or blog. Or maybe just say nice things about you. Whatever you like! Thanks again for your patience, and thanks for reading Space Base 8. I look forward to seeing your guest strips!

Road Apples Almanac meets SB8

The other day I got a present in my inbox. Don Ahe, creator of the wonderful webcomic Road Apples Almanac, sent me a crossover comic strip, featuring characters from both of our comics. I am so excited to share this strip with Space Base 8 readers! Comic strip That second panel just cracks me up! And look at the third panel. See Cargo’s comforting hand on Lighthouse’s head? Isn’t that great? That is called cartooning, people. Do yourself a favor and visit Road Apples Almanac. Spend some time there and read a bunch of the strips. Heck, go read ’em all, I already did a while ago.  And look, I’m still smiling! Thanks bunches, Don. I couldn’t be more flattered. No fooling.

So Sorry…

I’m gonna take a week off, y’all. Sorry, but there won’t be any new Space Base 8 comics for the week of January 17 – 23. Got some shtuff to do. But a new comic will git posted January 25, I promise. Aww, c’mon, you’ll survive. Just please come back and visit on the 25th. Peace!

It’s Called Duotone

Oh, lookie look! I have added a little color to the Monday and Wednesday strips. Starting Monday, January 4, you will see Space Base 8 in a color. And black. And white. That’s a color, not full color. One color plus black, on a white background. In the printing world this type of thing is called duotone. In the real world it means since I’m already putting a gray tone in my art, I might just as easily pick a color instead of gray and give Mondays and Wednesdays a bit of pizzazz. Friday strips will continue to be in as many colors as I want to put in them. Let’s call it full color, to sound fancy deluxe. Leave a comment or send an email and let me know what you think!

One Hundred Comic Strips Young

November 23, 2009 is an auspicious day in comic strip history. For Space Base 8 anyway. Today’s comic strip is is the one hundredth! One hundred comics strips. A hundred. Hunnerd. Whew. Lemme just catch my breath. Want to play a funny game? Go back to the first strip (just click on the part that says “first” up above this post, there) and read all the strips, in order, from the first to the most recent. See how much the look and feel of Space Base 8 has evolved? See how much you know about these characters now? See how you want to come back again and again to read more? Wasn’t that a fun game? Wow, you are really easy to impress! I have wanted to do something like this comic strip for a very long time. Space Base 8 has become a large part of my life. I hope you will want to make it at least a tiny part of yours. Please come back and read the next hunnerd of ’em. I will be there too. I don’t have a choice, I draw the crazy things! Yours Truly, Dave

Vote for Space Base 8 at

Quick! Go to and vote for Space Base 8 as your favorite comic strip! Even if it isn’t your total favorite, that’s okay, it can be one of your favorites. Vote today! Vote tomorrow! The more ya vote, the higher on the list I get, and more people can see our listing on the Top Web Comics list! That means more fans! The more Space Base 8 fans, the merrier, right? Then, if we get, like, a billion Space Base 8 fans, I’ll throw a party and you will all get party favors. And not the lame ones like hard candy and paper hats. I’m talkin cool stuff like Slinkys. Best party favor I ever got. Slinkys!

Robot Rock Band… Again?

So, still not convinced that robots can rock and roll? I submit exhibit “B” for your consideration: The Trons! httpv:// I bet these guys get all the robot girls. Check out their myspace page at

Robot Rock Band?!!

Have you heard of the game Rock Band? Did you know that you can play it on an iPhone? Did you know that a robot can play Rock Band on an iPhone? Skeptical, eh? You want proof, eh? Well then, just watch this video! httpv:// Mucho Cool! This rockin robot was put together by Joe Bowers, whose blog can be found at .

Sesame Street turns 40

Ya might say that Sesame Street has little to do with monkeys, robots and rocketships, and so it has little to do with Space Base 8. Not so, I’d say back to ya. I was four years old when my mom turned the channel to PBS and told me there was a new show we should watch. That show, of course, was Sesame Street, and it was the best show on television. For me, anyway. Sesame Street taught me just as much about humor and storytelling as it did about the difference between near and far and the letter  “J”. Without Sesame Street, would I ever have become a fan of silly looking characters doing ridiculous things? I am glad I didn’t have to find out! So blow out the candle, Sesame Street. The whole world loves you!