Cargo and Vesto discuss capturing the bedbots


Comics Coast To Coast Webcomic Pick Of The Week!

Do you ever listen to podcasts? Do you ever read webcomics? Do you ever listen to podcasts that talk about webcomics? If you answered “yes” to two or more of those questions, chances are you know Brian Dunaway’s podcast, Comics Coast To Coast. Just recently, Space Base 8 got featured as the Comics Coast To Coast Webcomic Pick Of The Week!  No foolin’!  What an honor! Visit Comics Coast To Coast and listen to the podcast right there on the page. Listen attentively at about 27:35 for Brian to start saying nice things about Space Base 8. Be sure to scroll down enough to see the link to Space Base 8. Isn’t that cool? I sure think so. Thanks to Brian Dunaway for making me feel really quite all flattered and stuff. I mean, Webcomic Pick Of The Week, people! Wow! Like the kids say nowadays, Epic Win.

Super Incredible Art From A Space Base 8 Reader

Hey, everybody! Look what I got! Look what I got! Just look at this fantastic little sculpture, will ya? It was a gift from my friend Pilar Farmer, a reader and frequent commenter here at Space Base 8. I couldn’t be more delighted!

Cargo has never looked better! Look how his attitude shows in his pose!  He even has little curlies in his ears, just like how I draw him. Sooo awesome. And not only that, this little treasure came in a specially made Space Base 8 box! Thanks so much, Pilar! You are so sweet to send me this present. It is truly wonderful!  Everyone can see how lucky I am to have friends and readers with so much generosity and talent. Lucky, I tell you! Lucky!

My New Favorite

If there is anything that you should know about me personally, it is that I flipped out when I found this video on you tube!  Thank you to my new favorite artist, Perry Gripp, for making the galaxy a better place with his uplifting art. I can’t stop dancing to the beat. httpv://

I have been interviewed

Eric's artwork of gorillasThere’s this great artist who writes this great blog that holds some great content, see? The artist is Eric Scales, and the blog is called The Ol” Sketchbook, and the content is usually Eric’s great art and stuff. He took a break from posting great art, and has put up an interview of me instead! I won’t pretend to think I am particularly interesting, but still, go check it out, won’t you? Go to ericscalessketchbook,

First Anniversary!

It’s Space Base 8’s birthday! On June 1, 2009 the very first Space Base 8 comic strip was posted on the intergalactic interwebs. I am happy to return to posting new strips after a bit of a break. I send out a big thanks to the cartoonists who recently helped me out with the terrific guest strips. You all made it possible for Space Base 8 readers to get their SB8 fix while I took some much needed time to get my act together. So today (Tuesday) please find a new strip posted, and expect more strips from me Wednesday and Friday as usual. But wait. there’s more! You get another guest strip on Thursday! Five strips this week! Now how much would you pay? And wow, a year of Space Base 8. How about that!