TIME for something different, Space Base 8 fans! Today’s comic is part of  TIME LOOP, an eight page never ending adventure starring Oril the Time Traveling Temp.

You can start reading TIME LOOP on any page, and when you have read the eighth one, you go back to the first page  you read (thanks to time travel!) and start all over. TIME LOOP is the comic you can’t stop reading… cuz it just never ends!

This is a little different from the usual Space Base 8 stuff. I hope you enjoy it. Things will go back to normal after TIME LOOP is finished. If, that is, a TIME LOOP can ever be said to finish…


↓ Transcript
Oril: What's going on in there? It's a restaurant!
Horn-Head: My breakfast is ruined!
Oril: I've got a great idea! First, I'll time travel to a half hour ago.
There. Now to set these controls to transport me to the next booth over. I hop there's not anyone in the booth... Awesome! now I can finally relax and get something to eat!