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Vesto: Just ten more minutes and the procedure will reach completion. This treatment should reverse the mutation and return him to his normal state.
Meela: He's hooked up tr so much equipment. WHat's it all do?
Vesto: Well, first the phazaton emitter projects radiation which reprograms his body's DNA. Then the parablasic roto-chemistron transfusinates his delaonteloids with a nutrient-rich plasmexx to assist in retrophasion.
Meela: I see.
Vesto: Finally, the X-D recombinant is administered with fine transdermal ossfusion, which completes the treatment.
Meela: Oh. What about the electric shock? What does that do?
Vesto: Oh, the shock isn't part of the treatment.
Meela: What?
Vesto: I just really enjoy giving monkeyshocks. What can I say? I'm a scientist.