↓ Transcript
Juju: you're trapped! Come out with your hands up!
Meela: Mr. Juju, I'm Ambassador Meela from Space BAse 8.
Juju: Ah, I see you frought me the ransom.
Meela: I'm not paying a ransom for a prisoner who has escaped you>
Juju: Rest assured we are about to recapture him. You are surrounded. Come out with your hands up.
Meela: Here, Give me that bullhorn.
Juju: Great idea. Tell your friend to give up so that you can pay me the ransom and go home.
Meela: hey, all you guards with all those weapons! You see this big bag of money? It's yours if you mutiny and let the prisoners go!
Juju: hey!
Meela: Mr. Juju is in charge of distributing your money. If he cheats you, you may shoot him.
Juju: what just happened?