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  1. That’s probably the first thing I would have thought of too. 😀

  2. someoldguy

    Happy New Year! It’s 2016 and I’m going through cleaning out old links from my Bookmarks. Is there any chance this comic will be updated? I always enjoyed it but it seems dead. Would love to continue reading it. Any word?

    • David Scott Smith

      Well, I will add more comics… someday. Nothing coming soon, I’m afraid. But it is nice to hear there is interest out there in web land. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  3. David, Trust me,….this is a FANTASTIC comic! It would be great to see it back again,….even if once weekly.

    • David Scott Smith

      Gosh, thanks, Todd. I really do intend on doing more someday. Thanks for the encouraging words!

  4. Barbara at Butterfly Landing

    I keep checking…thought I’d better tell you.

  5. SomeOldGuy

    Still checking.
    Happy New Year!!!

  6. SomeOldGuy

    Two years…nope…it’s dead. Deleting Bookmark

  7. Matt

    So apparently, the bedbots saw through Cargo’s ruse, turned the tables, and captured him. He is being held in an interplanetary waste dump where he is fed only stale low-cal, low-salt microwave popcorn (you know, the kind without the fake butter flavor) and is forced to watch the 3rd episode of Cop Rock on infinite repeat.

    The other crew members have made rescue attempts but Oril, who is secretly on the bedbots’ payroll, keeps popping in and transporting them back to Space Base 8 to the time five minutes after Cargo was kidnapped.

  8. Katie

    This is one of my favorite comics I wish it will make a comeback .

    • SomeOldGuy

      Mine too. I keep checking it for a return.
      I keep my fingers crossed that it will happen.
      Too many Great Toons die

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